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St Agnes

                          St Agnes

St Agnes is an historic village on the rugged North Cornwall coast looking over the Atlantic Ocean.  Much of the present village has been defined by the Tin & Copper mining which was the main employer for many centuries up until the early 20th century.


In fact, Atlantic Mews is an old Cornish Mine site, Wheal Vottle, and one of its shafts has been capped and is under one of the garages in the Mews!

St Agnes has had 5 harbours in its time, the last being lost in about 1917 to a great Atlantic storm, parts of which are still visable at low tide.  The harbour was used for the export of the mined ores and for the import of coal to power the famous engine houses, many of which are still visible in the village.

The village has three beach areas, the main beach being Trevaunance Cove, which has all the simple facilities expected for a family holiday, but without the amusement arcades.  For the summer months the beach is safeguarded by an RNLI lifeguard team, backed up by St Agnes RNLI inshore lifeboat.


Chapel Porth beach is to the west of the village and has a NT car park, beach café and toilets.  When the tide is out the beach is a wonderful place to view the classic Wheal Coates engine houses which are east of the cove. This cove is also safeguarded by  RNLI lifeguards during the summer months

                    On the east side of the village is Trevallas beach, which has a small car parking area, but no toilets
                    or lifeguard facilities.


However  just off the path to the beach is the Blue Hills Tin Mine, which is run by two local ex-miners.

For the very active visitors we have of course several of the best surfing beaches in the Southwest of England.  The surfing, in the appropriate condition, is suitable for novice body board users up to full professional surfers.  However, everyone should take note of the swell conditions, the safety flags and the guidance of the lifeguards who know the local dangers.

For walkers/ramblers the St Agnes coastline and surrounding countryside is a dramatic place to excercise your pastime.  St.Agnes Tourist Board has produced a great booklet detailing 10 circular walks with details of the history, flora & wildlife which you can encounter as you walk. These maps can be viewed at


                In the nearby surrounding area you will find many other activities such as the following:

The village is a lively and active place as can be seen by the fact that we still have LOCAL FOOD SHOPS (which supply all general food needs at reasonable prices),  Bank, Dentist, Doctor's Surgery, Vets, Library, Lawyer and a Post Office.

The village is a great source of local talent, which you may see if you have a chance to see the local bands perform or one of our drama group productions.

For the list of the Village Pubs & Restaurants CLICK HERE.
The village is served by bus sevices directly to the following destinations:

                    St Ives
                            The Lizard


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